Oil - Paesano, Olive Oil

Oil - Paesano, Olive Oil


Home grown and cold pressed by Paesano, Karoo Olives.

Currently only plastic bottles available.


Size: 1Litre, 


Paesano which translates to countryman’s olives is an exclusive extra virgin olive oil milled from handpicked mission olives in the heart of the Karoo.

Cold extracted within 24 hours of picking is has a fresh cut grass aroma, full rich taste with a nutty finish and a hint of pepper.

Our trees were planted in 1999 with the hope to generate an extra income in trying times. Much to everyone’s surprise the trees have exceeded our expectations as our area is more well known for its droughts and livestock as opposed to fresh produce. The olives were used predominantly as table olives and with the excessive rising costs and being small scale producers we shifted our focus slightly and decided to have a go at producing olive oil. And so Paesano olive oil made its debut in 2018.

The oil can be paired with vinegar to dress greens, brush generously over roast combined with fresh herbs or drizzle it over pasta for that extra zest. This super food produced in the Karoo heartland is a must in every household.

Our oil has been tested and approved by the South African olive board.  

  Certified to Compliance (CTC approved)
 Unrefined Extra virgin cold pressed oil
 Rich in antioxidants

 Free from preservatives and additives
 Total free acidity <0.8% (as internationally required)

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